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I always get scared of this question [of what’s his type of girlfriend] because I feel like sometimes if I answer it […] then people would try to change themselves to be the person that I described, but just so you guys know, always be real, because that’s what most attractive to me. When someone pretends to be someone they’re not […] it’s really readable too. I can always sense when someone’s not being true to themselves […]. Be true to yourself and have fun.

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why is the twitter fandom always so stressed



Someone please sum up what I need to know for chemistry and algebra 2 and French 1 and world history

h2o, a2 + b2 = c2, oui oui baguette eiffel tower, obama 

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internet friends are kinda like illegally downloaded friends. you don’t get the physical copy but you still get all the great content

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today one of my teachers called on a really quiet girl and the class was silent then you heard her whisper “i have the bravery of a chicken nugget please dont” and i couldnt stop laughing

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Snowflakes are actually the perfect metaphor for people. Each one IS unique, but we all have the same structure and are pretty similar in spite of our differences. And really, with as many around as there is, aint no one gonna notice your differences unless they care enough to look closely.

People are also similar to snowflakes in that it is difficult to drive when there are too many of them piled up on the road.

Well that took a turn I didn’t expect

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"I’m in the middle of reading an important question and Ross elbows my phone! It was like boom!" x

rockys face though

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